Artist Blend: Vol. 1

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The Calypsos Artist Series was born out of a combined love for art, community, giving back, and arguably most importantly, coffee. The Artist Series is a monthly series, in which an artist designs a label for a bag of delicious Calypsos Coffee. Each bag purchase includes a booklet, with some fun facts about the artist.

          In the spirit of building community, a portion of the proceeds from each bag of the Artist Series goes to 2 places: The artist themselves, and a non-profit of the artist’s choosing. Thank you for supporting multiple wonderful folks at once, with your purchase of the Calypsos Artist Series. This month, local CDA artist Cookie Dough has designed the coolest of labels, and wishes to spotlight the Marsha P. Johnson Institute.

 Coffee Notes: 

The Artist Blend is a delicious and balanced medium roast, suitable for drip, espresso, pourover, or French Press. Coffees from South America are blended with a fantastic Ethiopian and a little bit of Honduran beans to bring out some delicious milk chocolate notes with a hint of citrus.